April 7, 2020

Meet the Fino Team: Raul Ceja

Arizona Takeover

CaliFino Tequila prides itself on growing organically. As we continue to expand nationally, we primarily use our immediate family and close network to take on ventures in growing the brand in new states.

My name is Raul and I grew up with the Luna family. We experienced CaliFino Tequila while it was still in its infancy, before there was a name or a company. In 2005 I moved to Tucson, AZ with the hopes of obtaining a mortgage brokers license. Instead, I found myself pushed into bartending culture, which I took to immediately. 

I was surrounded by a vibrant music community which allowed me to pursue a career as a musician in a band. We released a few records as well as a small United States tour. My life flipped 180 degrees as I found myself doing things I always wanted to but never knew I could with CaliFino.

I’m still living in Arizona and can’t ever see myself going back to the beaches of San Diego. It is 15 years later that the Luna family reached out and asked me to be a part of CaliFino, the tequila we consumed in our youth. It is with pride and excitement that I look forward to sharing a glass with you. Arizona, get ready for CaliFino Tequila!

If you want to enjoy a bottle of CaliFino, you can get our tequila shipped directly to your door! Go to CaliFino.com and use code RAUL25 to receive 25% off your purchase.